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About The Owner

LaQuisha Ezell is the founder and CEO of Urban Style Glam. She has four lovely kids, a dedicated husband of over 20 years, and a supportive mother. LaQuisha has always had a passion for business and fashion. She has two Associate degrees; Business Management and Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, and Master of Business.

LaQuisha is dedicated to giving back to her community, volunteering, and is currently an active volunteer who donates to DeeVine toiletries, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving back to the homeless, less fortunate and helping the community. She has also donated, help raise money, and/or volunteered for Ark Association, Crohn's and Colitis Detroit, Lupus Detroit, Pistons "Come Together" Foundation, The Dr. Nandi Show, FB4K and countless of others.


LaQuisha is also dedicated to her own non-profit organization "Accessorize Your Beauty". The "Accessorize Your Beauty" movement is all about paying-it-forward with a compliment. We give our customers a free "motivational card and necklace" with their USG purchase. The motivational card and necklace are for them to "Gift" to someone else with a compliment. It can be a stranger or someone they know. It is a "pay it forward" concept. However, our customers are more than welcome to keep the gift for themselves as a compliment from us.

LaQuisha believes if you look good and feel good, you give off positive vibes.

Urban Style Glam is a small business that offers exceptional and affordable jewelry and accessories for men and women.


Our motto is "Accessorize Your Beauty." We take pleasure in providing our customers with a variety of accessories for ANY occasion. We are a classy vendor boutique that takes pride in providing our customers with a high level of customer service.




Uplifting our customers spirit is our main goal.  We achieve that goal by providing remarkable products and customer service to our shoppers.

We’re dedicated to helping YOU feel and look great. 
We believe,

"If you look good and feel good, you give off Positive Vibes".


Our Vision is to provide top quality classy jewelry and accessories that our customers will love.

Our vision is to change the mindset of our customers by paying it forward with a compliment.

Our non-profit organization "Accessorize Your Beauty," goes hand-in-hand with Urban Style Glam vision.

Click the link below to read and donate to our non-profit organization "Accessorize Your Beauty".

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Based out of Detroit, MI

Serving the entire U.S. and beyond

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