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"Accessorize Your Beauty" Movement

Our "Accessorize Your Beauty" Movement is all about paying-it-forward with a compliment. We give our customers a free "motivational card and necklace" with their USG purchase. The motivational card and necklace is for them to "Gift" to someone else with a compliment. It can be a stranger or someone they know. It is a "pay it forward" concept. However, our customers are more than welcome to keep the gift for themselves as a compliment from us.


Donations to our non-profit organization "Accessorize Your Beauty"

will help in the continuation of the overall movement and mission.

We will be able to continue spreading love, giving compliments, building self-esteem, and self-love through our free "motivational card and necklace".

Donations are also used to support other non-profit organizations as a token of love, motivation, and to support their mission. 


Our goal is to "gift" our motivational card and necklace to selective people on the streets of Detroit and wherever we are able to.

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